Karen O’Connell, Mental Health Counselor

Karen O'Connell, Seattle Mental Health Counselor

Hello!  My name is Karen O’Connell, and I am a Seattle Mental Health Counselor Associate.  My training in health psychology included a holistic approach to healing and wholeness, bringing mind, body, spirit, culture and other contextual factors together to shed light and expand awareness in the exploration and acceptance of who you are, what it means to be you, and how you wish to live your life. As a mental health counselor, I take a client-centered approach in which you are the source of knowing, and I am a facilitator – a witness, who invites you to explore, delve, process, integrate, and heal. I strive to cultivate a safe and compassionate space with an open heart and mindful awareness, and create the necessary and sufficient conditions for growth, development, healing, and transformation.


Karen O’Connell, MA LMHCA
Belltown – Seattle, Washington